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Dear Member Federations of the IPF.
A very serious matter has been brought to our attention. Currently, there are dealers operating world-wide creating counterfeit Titan Support Systems Powerlifting Gear. Dealers selling counterfeit equipment currently can be found in both Russia and Australia. Titan Support Systems has taken major steps to prevent counterfeit gear from being sold to include legal action. At all of our championships, from the local to the world level, please inspect the powerlifting equipment carefully to be sure it is authentic gear from Titan Support Systems. Counterfeit equipment will be immediately be rejected and not allowed to be used in the championship. Lifters discovered wearing counterfeit equipment on the platform will be disqualified. So, please pay close attention and report counterfeit gear production to us immediately as well as to your law enforcement authorities. In the meantime, Titan Support Systems has created a website to spot counterfeit here: Titan Counterfeits Thank you for assistance in this matter.
The IPF Executive Committee

Oceania / Asian Championships 2014 DVD's

If you competed or would like to purchase a DVD of these championships held in Melbourne, Australia in December 2014 they are available for purchase for AUD$35 inside Australia or AUD$40 outside Australia. This is the cost of one session and can be ordered by contacting John Myers at johnandsue21@bigpond.com

2014 Asia/Oceania Championships

A new event has emerged on the international Powerlifting calendar. The combined Asia & Oceania Championships held in Melbourne produced a gathering of 20 nations, nearly 500 lifters & an instant tradition. Nations from throughout Asia and Oceania are scrambling to hold this mega-event over the coming years and the Asia & Oceania Championships will soon be the biggest single event in the IPF pantheon.

This first time in Melbourne saw nearly 20 World Records and an uncountable number of Asia & Oceania Records set. As ever Jeza Uepa of Nauru was the sensation of the meet with a 960kg Total at 120kg+, just short of his own World Record. Jeza brought the house down after three seemingly easy squats on 405kg were failed for reasons not obvious to the standing room only crowd, then had the jury overturn the verdict. But close on Jeza's heels was Oliva Kirisome from Samoa with another World Class Total of 923kg and these names will again be on the results board at the 2015 World Championships.

At half the bodyweight but with nearly as many Points as the supers was Viki Aryanto of Indonesia whose 653.5kg Total at 66kg included an all time World Record Deadlift of 273.5kg. Back up to the big end of the scale and the Bench Press Only contest saw Elnez "Tiny" Tofa weigh-in trim at 192.2kg bodyweight and toy with an unofficial World Record 265.5kg. But the Best Bencher award was snuck away by the short-armed Mr. Suzuki from Japan, half of his 74kg bodyweight surely being in his triceps, with 190kg being the Bench of the day.

Women's Records fell too. Sri Hartati like Aryanto from Java's Powerlifting School, set an Open World Record with 432.5kg at 57kg over an improved Alix Newton of Australia with 387.5kg. But Australia's best in the Women's was Liz Craven, whose 370kg at 52kg placed her on top of the heap of the Australian Rankings for the year. The quality kept coming with Noviana Sari's 430kg at 63kg, and then Matile Sitagata of Samoa set World Junior Records at 84kg+.

Next year the Asia-Oceania Championships will be in the exotic locale of Tashkent, the Capital of Uzbekistan. Eight days of lifting in a 5-Star Hotel and big government support will make this a special event for all who venture into the unknown.

Results can be found here.




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