The Executive of the Oceania Powerlifitng Federation wish all in the Powerlifting community the best in our current challenging circumstances. Almost all of you are subject to restrictions based on health needs and we urge you to honour those fully, for the common good. However our region is now moving forward in the opening up of gyms and so we have been preparing for our events in the second half of 2020 and into 2021. The World and OPF Calendar has been re-set to reflect the new circumstances, as follows.

Firstly, the Pacific Invitational originally set for FIBO Sydney in May, is now happening around the weekend of 11-12 July as a simulvent in Nauru, Auckland and the capital cities of Australia. This event will surely kick start our sport in all those nations. Travel restrictions will surely still be an issue at that point but all nations that can are welcome to attend in any of the host centres.

Next, October 23 – 25 was the date for the World Championships at FIBO in Melbourne, Australia. FIBO has now rolled over to 2021, so this event is re-set as the Oceania Championships for 2020, in Powerlifting and Bench Press, to be held in the tourist area of St Kilda in Melbourne. Focused on Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, this event is also open to lifters from all nations.

FIBO China in Shanghai was scheduled for August. Now that China is steady, FIBO and World Powerlifting’s Asia Pacific event has been re-set for November, date to be confirmed.

As well, the World Junior and Masters Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships set for New Zealand are confirmed, but with a new date, January 29 – 31 2021. This will still be at the St Peters Stadium in Cambridge, just outside Auckland.

And simultaneously with the World Junior and Masters in New Zealand will be the Oceania Junior and Masters in Powerlifting and Bench Press

Finally, the big news is that the Open World Championships will now be held in Sydney Australia from April 30 to May 2 2021. This will still be at FIBO/Fitness Show, with the Sydney version of this premiere trade show being the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. World Powerlifting looks forward to the globe’s elite lifters being united at this peak event.

So World Powerlifting’s and Oceania’s 2020- to 2021 programme is set, but we remain ready to adapt as circumstances may change. Keep tabs on us at our website news, events page and media.