Nauru, Australia and New Zealand were the only Oceania nations to take part in the 2107 World Powerlifting Championships after some smaller nations grappled unsuccessfully with the entry process. But these three countries put in outstanding results, scoring many medals across the age groups.

Oceania’s premiere lifter Jezza Uepa of Nauru didn’t disappoint in the 120+kg, although coming in second against the unbeatable Ray Williams. Jezza took no less than 5 squats, the jury twice over-ruling legs-not-locked calls by the referees and showed real character to go 460kg on his 5th attempt. That took it out of Jezza come Deadlift time but he still came through with an Oceania Record 1035kg Total.

Another great silver medal performance came from Brett Gibbs (NZ) in the 84kg class. Brett was looking good after a 208.5kg World Record Bench and then confidently jumped from 295kg to World Record 317.5kg in the Deadlift. That was missed twice and the door was left open for Anuar Ulan of Kazakhstan, who obliged with a 325kg gold medal lift.

Oceania medals went on, with Liz Craven of Australia taking second in the women’s 52kg class, one notch up from bronze in 2016 and hopefully portend gold in 2018. An unlucky 4th in the 84kg class was Yano Zhao of Australia, while down further in the men’s super Tony Reinmuth and Tyron Senituli battled it out 890kg to 887.5kg.

Nauru produced more medalists starting with Irving Harris’ bronze in the Masters 2 74kg. But the stunning age-group performance for the island nation was 17year old Febrose Tsiode, who not only won the SubJunior gold at 52.kg but set world SubJunior, Junior and open World Records in the bench all at once with 110.5kg

From here we move on to the Oceania Championship[s in Singapore in December and then to surely the biggest World Championships ever in Calgary, Canada in June 2018. We look forward to every Oceania nation having a big team in that mega-event.

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